Endless sword outfit
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Its disease is like the wind, the figure of the people, continue to step on the bodies of those blood-eating ants, and in a few days, the bloody grassland that almost made the people crazy finally came to an end. Ye Bai looked up, and the scene in front of him made him lose his mind at the same time as many people who had just arrived here. In the distance, in the middle of the boundless blood-colored grassland, there was a towering peak rising from the ground, towering into the sky, and the highest point disappeared. This peak, cylindrical, smooth as jade, there is no half of the force to borrow, and on it, there is no half of the vegetation. Just abrupt, on the four sides of the stone, more than ninety-nine lotus-shaped protuberances, circular distribution around, scattered, left and right cross, but the upper and lower layers are distinct. These lotus terraces are divided into nine layers. At this time, there are a lot of figures, struggling to climb up to this lotus platform, many people figure vertical, a jump is dozens of feet, and then in the air to borrow force, continue to jump up. Some people succeed and jump directly to the first lotus platform at the bottom, while others fail and fall down and fall to pieces. More people, however, are constantly failing, constantly trying, some are getting closer and closer, some are becoming more and more powerless, and finally can only give up helplessly, a face unwilling. In the eyes of Ye Bai and other new arrivals, we can only see a group of black spots like fleas,x60 line pipe, constantly jumping up, falling down, jumping up again, falling down again, jumping up again. Try over and over again! Everyone shows what they have learned, and all kinds of rare peerless flying skills are frequently seen here, which is an eye-opener. One step to stay fragrant "," three points to the bright moon "," Xuanguang ghost "," spinning spring silkworm "and" Tenglong Buyun Gong ". Each of them is at least the middle level of the green rank, most of them are the top level of the green rank, and a few of them are the lower level of the blue rank. And the most conspicuous, no doubt,316 stainless steel plate, is that a few special prominent figure, they a vertical, is seventy or eighty Zhangs, and then a turn, and then jumped high, to the platform above, and then, more do not stay, the body again, continue to go up, finally, to the second floor of the platform. Even, someone jumped to the platform of the third and fourth floors. Fall in the shadow of a group of people below, has completely become a small black spot, even the face of people can be seen. There is no doubt that this is the most powerful group of people, at this point, the strength of each demarcation line, has been very clear, no one will hide clumsiness, more can not tolerate half a skill. Without absolute strength, you can't go to the platform, and no matter how hard you try, it's useless. This Shenwu Shibi, will be originally a blurred crowd, mercilessly cut a few knives, uns s32760 plate ,x56 line pipe, divided into a layer, although cruel, but very realistic. Ye Bai and others finally came to the foot of this high mountain and watched it closely, showing more grandeur. Its grandeur is amazing and even gives birth to the meaning of insignificance. Lei Huanzhi, Duan Xingxie two people, just arrived here, even do not want to rest, directly into the air, a body into thunder and lightning, like angry thunder into the air, a body into a sword, like flying Xuanhong, two people simply ignore the hard work of all the people below, just a vertical, directly without the slightest effort, jumped onto the first platform. Then, two people borrow force again at the same time, continue to go up, the second layer, the third layer. The fourth floor.. Then, two people are still not satisfied, in the eyes of all the people below stunned, two people from the fourth floor of the lotus platform, continue to rise vertically, the figure is getting smaller and smaller, finally, in everyone's frightened, envious and jealous eyes, two people can be close to the fifth floor of the lotus platform, will fall. At this time, we can see the strength of the two. Sanctuary See Lei Huan's hand, suddenly popped up a black iron claw, like lightning, in the moment he was about to fall, he hooked in the air, and then he just gently turned over, fell on the fifth layer of lotus platform. But Duan Xingxie was different. When he was about to fall, he clapped the scabbard behind him. A clear and pleasant sound of the sword sounded. The top snow magic sword of the fifth order rose into the sky and came out of the scabbard directly. As soon as Duan Xingxie grasped it, he was driven by the snow magic sword and rushed up several feet before the sword stopped. But at this time, Duan Xingxie just flashed slightly and fell on the fifth lotus platform. Their skillful and powerful performances shocked all the people below, and many people were stunned, but although they were envious, there was no other way. After all, the top ten of the Red List is not false. One of them is the sixth in the Red List and the other is the seventh in the Red List. Is their strength comparable to that of these ordinary Xuanzong? Bai Yuyi, brother and sister Bai Xiaozhi, sister Yu Qingying, and sister Yu Linglong also arrived at the same time. The four of them looked at each other, but did not climb up immediately. Instead, they sat cross-legged at the foot of the mountain, rested for a moment, and reached the highest level of energy and strength. Then they jumped up together and headed for the first platform. The first platform jumps up easily, then goes up again, the second, the third.. Several vertical in a row, several people also reached the fourth platform, but the fifth platform seems to be a bit willing but unable. Jade clear dragonfly, jade exquisite sisters look at each other with a wry smile, each found a lotus platform to sit down, did not go up again. But at this time, Bai Yuyi, Bai Xiaozhi brother and sister, but did a thing that others absolutely can not think of. Bai Yuyi nodded to his sister, and then his sister Bai Xiaozhi jumped up and flew into the air. Seeing that she was still a short distance away from the fifth platform, she was about to fall. According to this, with her strength, it is impossible to jump to the fifth platform. Just then, her brother Bai Yuyi finally jumped up and turned into a dragon, like a white lightning, like a snow-colored silver feather, floating in midair, catching his sister Bai Xiaozhi who was about to fall, and then suddenly sent her away. Bai Xiaozhi will not fall the figure, like a cannonball, straight up, instantly rushed across the fifth platform, and then fell, she a rush,a333 grade 6 pipe, the body moved forward, finally rolled, and stayed on a platform. lksteelpipe.com

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